at&t it can wait: snapchat ads


AT&T tasked us with creating Snapchat ads for their distracted driving awareness campaign It Can Wait.


With the goal of driving users to take the pledge to not drive distracted through an embedded custom microsite, the two 10-second ads ran over a twelve day flight on Snapchat’s Discover and Story pages resulting in a 30% pledge conversion rate.


The Zen Driver

To remain native to the UGC nature of Snapchat Stories, we shot the spot on a phone, utilizing the popular zoom feature to drive the story and engagement.

The Hypnotist

Snapchat Discover content is driven by quick animations, and sound effects, so we created an ad that was playful and thumb stopping within a 10 second time constraint.


Custom "Take the Pledge" Microsite

Utilizing the Snap Ad Web View format, we were able to create a custom HTML microsite that allowed users to swipe up and quickly take the pledge. Upon completion, they were given the option to tap and share the video with friends within the app, sending the microsite to a new viewer and potential pledge.