Art Direction & Design


Lights. Cellphone. Action. LuMee was born of the desire to remove the technological barriers standing between people and their creativity, resulting in a product that captures all life’s moments in their best light. 

We were tasked with creating a digital and social platform for the launch of the LuMee Duo that would reach a new audience of editorial enthusiasts, adventurers, and creators, while still resonating with their existing target market: the ubiquitous millennial selfie taker.


LuMee Duo Launch


Duo Perspectives

We approached the launch from the position that there are two sides to every story and that with LuMee Duo, you can tell them both. Two lights, two lenses — Duo perspectives. We built our platform around the eye-catching and shareable stories the Duo can tell, resulting in a new brand identity, product video and library of images.

With the goal of capturing the attention of new users in the market including editorial enthusiasts, adventurers, and creators, we launched the campaign across Instagram utilizing the popular hashtags #OnTheTable, #WhereIStand, and #ChasingLight.


Tips & Tricks


LuMee Instructional Social Videos

While the goal was to grow LuMee’s audience beyond the selfie lovers, we still needed to speak to their core audience in a way that resonated. The LuMee is the perfect tool to capture the perfect selfie so we provided people with tutorials on how to use LuMee to its full effect. We created a series of simple, stylized videos to educate both our new and existing core audience members on tips and tricks especially relevant to LuMee owners.



Senior Art Director / Tiffany Lam

Senior Copywriter / Ernesto Campabadal

DP / Andy Madeleine

Photographer / Bryan Dale